Cost of building a Laneway house:

Cost of building a Laneway house:

There are many factors involved when it comes to calculating the cost of a laneway home. I remember back in 2019 I was building laneway homes for under $200K.
Since then there have been many changes occurred like COVID-19 which affected the supply change and also poverty value went up by over 35% or more.
Depends on the size of the lot you have the size of the laneway homes will be different and every day the city is coming up with new changes and regulations which also affect the end products.

But to give you an idea of an estimate of what you can get for a Vancouver standard lot of 33’X120′ which gives you approximately 40 SF of laneway home would cost you around $400K all in.
This guestimation has a quality finish but not luxury. The heating system is an electric heat pump with an electric hot water tank and  stucco exterior with high-quality windows and doors.

If you have decided to make changes on any products or exterior finishings, we make the calculation and add the extra cost on the total project value. As simple as that!
Remember, we are homeowners too and we know how frustrating will be when you are going to an unknown territory. That’s why we try our best to make the process as simple, transparent and understandable as possible.

What is included in the price?

We make sure to avoid any disturbances from your life so you can have a smooth transition to having a brand new laneway home in your yard.
We take care of all the design and permitting process, material choice (with your consultation) and construction to the final occupancy.

These are the steps:

1-Design (Architecture, Structure, landscaping,  Energy modelling and all other engineering),

2-Permit submission on your behalf and follow-ups. We will have the required meetings with the city staff to go over requirements and have the documents ready for them when needed,

3- Construction of the Lane house:  Demo, Excavation, Footing, Framing, Insulation, Drywall, Plumbing, Electrical, Painting, Asphalt Roofing, Vinyl Windows and hollow core doors, Stucco siding, Laminate Flooring, Tilling, Kitchen cabinets, Vanity, toilet, shower, Baseboards and door casings, Electrical water heater and Electrical baseboard heater, and minor Landscaping (All at the standard level)


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What’s not included?

1- Land (of course you have to own the land so we can build on it. It might sound obvious but it appeared as a question in the past, so we have to clarify)

2- Sewer and water connections fees requested by the engineering department. In some cases are not required but in other cases could be as much as $30k.

3-The size of the laneway house will determine the total cost but at the same time the type of finishing as well.
For example if the client decided to instal metal roofing and solar panels, these items will be calculated separately in the contract.
cost will be recalculated if the lane house is bigger than mentioned above or if any upgrade is requested on finishing material,



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