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Is a Laneway Home Right for YOU?

What are the benefits of A Laneway Home?

  • Create a separate living space for a family member
  • Downsize and rent out your original home
  • Add value to your home
  • Create a passive income
  • Live in an exciting and new dwelling
  • Long term investment
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Sometimes a Laneway Home is considered strictly for investment purposes. Using the bank's money to add value to your existing property you then rent out the new build to offset the building costs.

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There are many families who embrace the concept of having multiple generations on the same property. A Laneway House is an ideal solution. With relatively low construction costs and clever design techniques of our expert Laneway Home design team, you can create the space for older or younger generations to have a separate dwelling but still be close by.

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Whatever reason you choose to build a laneway home, there are many ways to approach this, and we crafted the best scenario for you to own one.

Our expert designers are highly skilled at designing compact spaces to offer clever storage solutions, smaller spaces that provide a big space feel with all the comforts of a beautiful home. We take you through all the stages of construction from the initial feasibility study, permits, design and construction.

We offer one-stop services. Your ideas start the design process and move us forward with permits, finishing it with the right finishing touches or for YOUR project.

We will serve you with the same level of expertise and creativity as much larger firms, without the much higher costs. Our design and construction team is in place to meet your needs, your inspiration and deliver it all with a lower price tag.

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