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Burnaby is accepting applications for Laneway Homes

Burnaby accepting applications for Laneway Homes Starting Monday, September 18 2023 after many months of waiting, the city of Burnaby is accepting applications for Laneway homes. If you like to know more about the regulations and zoning, click here to know more! We build a laneway home within 4 to 8 months after the permit is issued and have many Read more →

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How to start building a laneway home?

How to start a Laneway house project? Each municipalites have their own rules and regulations, some are easier to accept the laneway homes some harder.For example, in the city of Vancouver, most properties are eligible to build a laneway home. (It’s always a good idea to call 311 and talk to the enquiry center to make sure your lot is Read more →

Burnaby laneway home

Burnaby Laneway homes are coming in the fall of 2023!

Burnaby Laneway Homes coming in effect soon! After many years of waiting, the city of Burnaby has decided to accept the fact that the city needs more housing options to combat the rental shortage. After going through the process, the city held a couple of open houses on March 28 and 29th and is expecting to present the program to Read more →

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Laneway House allergy prevention

Laneway house allergy prevention with these simple tips. the following steps for laneway house allergy prevention. Allergies are often associated with the arrival of spring, but indoor allergy sufferers will often find themselves sniffing and sneezing year-round. The culprit? Indoor allergens such as dust, dust mites, pet hair and dander. So how do you make sure your home is a Read more →

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Laneway Home’s Benefits

Benefits of building a laneway house! Everybody who is thinking of building a laneway house has in mind to do a due diligence and see the pros and cons of undergoing such a project.Of course, there are some cons such as losing privacy and sharing your yard with others, but in general, there are more pros to the cons. That’s Read more →

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A LANEWAY HOME: Why You Want One?

A LANEWAY HOME: Why You Want One? What is a Laneway Home? Laneway home is a detached, compact, ground-oriented dwelling built in a backyard that subsided into the main house. Like their name says, these kinds of residences site on properties with access to a lane (some municipalities might not have access to a laneway). They can be used for Read more →